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10 Best Cases for Moto Z4


The Moto Z4 device has a range of really nice protective cases where you can choose from. It’s also good to know that the Modular Moto Mods accessories fit the device perfectly just in case you were wondering. But not all Mods work so well with a case on as proper connection with ports will be near impossible.

So, before getting a case, you need to be sure that it will work with your already owned Moto Z4 Mods. Don’t be scared now, a lot of Moto Z4 mods are actually compatible with a wide range of cases.

Getting a protective case for your device is a wise decision as this can save day in case of a fall. And most cases are cost-friendly priced around $10 leaving you with no excuses.

In this article, we’ve picked the 10 best cases for your Moto Z4. It’s going to make your work of finding what’s best for you easier.

Let’s get down to the list.

  1. CaseWe Dual-layer Bumper Case
  2. Spigen Rugged Armor
  3. Sucnakp Case
  4. Otterbox Commuter Lite
  5. Bentoben Case
  6. Tudia Case
  7. Almiao Thin Case
  8. Encased Scorpio
  9. Arae Wallet
  10. Asmart Case

1.  CaseWe Dual-Layer Bumper Case

Best Case for Moto Z4
Best Case for Moto Z4

This dual-layer casing comes closest to allowing a normal use of Moto Mods while it’s on. Made with TPU and PC, it makes for a firm grip in hand and it’s easily one of the best Moto Z4 bumper case out there.

The case front lip protects the device’s screen in case it falls face down. While the bumper aside offering protection to the sides is designed to protrude style.

At the back, the lip is sufficiently raised to protect the camera and fingerprint scanner.

As a plus, this bumper case is compatible with all Moto Z4 battery Mods.

2. Spigen Rugged Armor

Best Case for Moto Z4

This is one of the most protective Moto Z4 case out there. It brings a lot in the way of protection without adding much weight or taking much space thanks to the air cushion technology and spider web pattern deployed on the inside.

The outside has a signature matte black finish made with carbon fiber allowing a firm grip so it doesn’t slip out of hand.

The edges around the screen camera and fingerprint scanner are well raised to ensure nothing gets to it in case of a fall.

3. Sucnakp Case

Best Case for Moto Z4

This case comes third on our list but certainly would come first for so many users. As thin as you would like it, the Moto Z4 perfectly fits into the case and very little change in size is noticed.

Easy to install and also comes with accurate cutouts which ensures no part of it stands in the way of using the phone’s ports, camera and fingerprint.

The soft TPU forms the outside of the case ensuring a good grip and a tactile touch where you have the button.

The 2.8mm thick case is also equipped with air cushion technology to strengthen the case against shock.

4. Otterbox Commuter Lite

Best Case for Moto Z4

 This is another dual-layer case but this time doesn’t come with port covers. This might be a concern if you’re a fan of cases with port covers. On the other end, a lot of users prefer their case open so they can easily plug a headphone without having to push out the cover.

Despite the dual-layer bumper the Otterbox Moto Z4 case still comes with a compact design which makes it still pretty comfortable handling with one hand and it also fits perfectly into your pocket.

Made with PC material and it comes with a thin profile that can easily go into the pocket.

5. Bentoben

Best Case for Moto Z4

The Bentoben Moto Z4 case is made with TPU and PC material. The Mandala pattern decorated with galaxy has one of the most eye-catching look. To add to its already impressive design, the case glows at night making finding your phone even in the dark pretty simple.

The screen, fingerprint scanner and camera are perfectly protected by raised lips. This doesn’t only work for your Moto Z4’s safety during a fall but also stops dust from accumulating around the camera and fingerprint scanner.

6. Tudia Case

Best Case for Moto Z4

The case is ultra slim which makes it easily held with one hand and fits perfectly to the pocket. It comes colored in Rose Gold easily noticed by the eyes and this also adds to the overall beauty.

A little downside here is the lip around the display, some users might feel it’s not sufficiently raised and won’t offer much protection. But a closer look shows it’s raised beyond the screen and the chance of something getting to it during a fall is pretty small.

There’s a substantial lip around the camera and fingerprint scanner.

7. Almiao Thin Case

Best Case for Moto Z4

As the name implies the Almiao Moto Z4 case is thin which means it doesn’t add a lot of dimension to your device making little difference in size and weight.

The lip around the camera isn’t one of the outstanding protective attributes but sure makes up for it with a sufficient lip around the display.

Cutouts are precisely carved out making way for easy access to ports and other functions.

8.  Encases Scorpio.

Best Case for Moto Z4

Designed for full body protection, the TPU body and PC bumper is made to withstand a considerable amount of impact without sacrificing your device.

As strong as it’s made to be it still come sleek making a perfect combination of both beauty and protection.

It doesn’t slip in hand as the TPU made body is designed with wave patterns which allows for a firm grip.

9. Arae Wallet

Best Case for Moto Z4

It comes with premium faux leather; if you’re a wallet case fan then you already know what’s in it for you.

Not so familiar with wallet cases? I’ve got you covered.

Arae wallet case just like many other wallet cases has multiple functions. In it you find a space for your credit cards and cash. The cover also serves as a kickstand for movie times and can be perfectly placed on a table or any flat surface.

The strap carries a magnet strong enough to keep the case close while not allowing anything to fall out.

Well cutout space makes sure you can charge your phone while the case is on. Also allows access to camera and speaker without any hindrance.

If you’re looking for a Moto Z4 leather case, then the Arae Wallet is definitely for you.

10. Asmart Case

Best Case for Moto Z4

It comes with a minimalist design while not throwing anything away in form of protection. As with other thin Moto Z4 cases, the thin body allows many Moto Mods to fit in while the case is on.

The bumper is made with TPU and air spring technology is deployed to absorb as much shock as possible when it hits a surface as a result of a fall. The outer body is made to avoid scratches and fingerprint pattern making it stay clean most of the time.

The button covers are designed to allow easy clicks and well cutout spaces give access to the camera, fingerprint and the connectors.

That’s it with our list of the best Moto Z4 cases you can choose from. Unsurprisingly, we didn’t include any Moto Z4 Silicone case that’s because the TPU and PC are a better material in case making.

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