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Best Voice Quality Cell Phone 2020


Most smartphones are nearly perfect when it comes to audio, but only nearly perfect. If you take audio seriously, it’s good to know the best voice call quality smartphone 2020. In this article, we’re going to go over the five best smartphones you can get which sound better than others. Just make sure that, all of them are budget phones with good call quality.

So, these are phones with best call quality 2020;

  1. Motorola Razr V4
  2. LG V30 Plus
  3. Galaxy S9 Plus
  4. Google Pixel 2 XL
  5. Nokia 8 Sirocco

Motorola Razr V4

Best Voice Quality Cell Phone 2020

If you’re all in on this wireless future, the phone you’re going to want is the Motorola Razr V4. It was recently updated Android 8.1, which means that it now comes with all of the Bluetooth Kodak goodies that come baked into Oreo. You’ll get APTX, APTX HD and LDAC Bluetooth streaming along with dual front-facing speakers.

Now, the glaring downside is that this best voice quality cell phone is lacking a headphone jack and even though it was to stuff in a 4,000 million power battery, it’s still a pretty big inconvenience. But to try and make up for that, the dongle that comes with the Motorola Razr V4 does give it Dolby Atmos support. So if you don’t go the wireless route and end up plugging in a pair of headphones, at least you get something for your troubles.

LG V30 Plus

Best Voice Quality Cell Phone 2020

So if you already have a high-end pair of wired headphones or are thinking of getting one shortly, there’s really only one option for you and that is the LG V30 Plus. Audio files love the LG V30 Plus for a reason. And that reason is the headphone jack. Not only is that in itself a plus these days, but LG V30 Plus best voice quality cell phone also has a quad back inside that supports 32 bit audio and an AMP that can power pretty high-end pair of headphones.

It also outputs a signal that’s stronger than any other best voice quality cell phones on the market. And it has support for F2x HD, which is the next best codec for Bluetooth streaming after Sony’s LDAC. Not to mention that if you do plug in a pair of headphones, the harmonic distortion was the lowest we tested in any smartphone at 0.0009%.

Best Voice Quality Cell Phone 2020

Now because both the phone and the headphones need to have LDAC for the codec to work, the lack of LDAC compatibility, shouldn’t be a problem for you unless you already own a pair of expensive Bluetooth Sony headphones, like the WH-1000XM2.

During testing some of the only issues we found with this phone are well beyond human hearing. Which is why they make music sounds so damn good. One con be aware of though, is that the speakers on this best quality phone are pretty weak. In our testing, the output maxes out at 71 decibels, making this, the weakest speakers on any of the best call quality smartphones 2020 that we test.

Galaxy S9 Plus

Best Voice Quality Cell Phone 2020

And then we have the Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung’s the latest and greatest. Galaxy S9 Plus wasn’t the best in any one category, but Galaxy S9 Plus scored well enough to compete. Galaxy S9 Plus has a headphone jack too. Galaxy S9 Plus is 32 bit audio, and is Dolby Atmos certified when you plug in headphones.

There Motorola Razr V4 does this too, to be fair, but the Galaxy S9 Plus does it without a stupid dongle. It takes the prize home for best processing, just because of that. Again, the speakers in Galaxy S9 Plus aren’t the best and the Dolby Atmos that you get on them, won’t be as impressive as they are with headphones. But it’s still something that the other best voice quality cell phones don’t have.

You also have the option to customize the frequency response on a system level, which is useful for cutting out frequencies that you physically can’t hear anyway.

Google Pixel 2 XL

Best Voice Quality Cell Phone 2020

Not because of Google Pixel 2 XL’s front-facing speakers which were the second loudest out of any that we tested at 74.4 decibels, or even because the dongle surprisingly has a noise floor that was basically identical to the headphone jack of the LG V30 Plus at negative 101.4 decibels versus negative 101.6 decibels. Now it’s here for the same reason that it’s one of the best phones to get.

It’s first in line for updates coming straight from Google. And while that may not seem like a huge deal right now, Pixel owners will be the first to get any updates or software tweaks that will make the audio experience even better. Google Pixel 2 XL is also compatible with all of the Bluetooth codex, except for Samsung HD, which is exclusive to the Galaxy. The only thing that would make this best audio cell phone objectively better, if it actually had a decent headphone jack.

Which I’m never going to let go. So deal with it. So if you don’t feel like spending nearly a thousand dollars on a smartphone, I can’t really blame you.

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Best Voice Quality Cell Phone 2020

We also have a bang for your buck pick, which goes to the Nokia 8 Sirocco, despite its low price tag, it surprised us with how well it held up in our audio testing. Not only does it have some impressive speakers that get up to 74 decibels in volume.

But it also has a headphone jack with a noise floor that was on par with the likes of the Google Pixel XL 2 dongles and even the headphone jack of the LG V30 Plus throwing the fact that it now has Android Oreo, which gives it APTX compatibility.

And it’s well worth the asking price, especially when that price is usually low.

How Did We Get The Voice Quality Results?

Well, lucky for us, we have the latest and greatest technology at our disposal. A Scarlet 2i2 interface.  Not that impressive? But you’d be surprised the information you can get out of this thing with the right software.

Using the 3.5 millimetres to a quarter-inch TRS connector, Y cable, we were able to connect each phone to a top-secret piece of software called RightMark Audio Analyzer. It’s actually a free piece of software that you can download yourself. If you think this is overly simplistic. It is there’s a lot you can learn by simply playing a 96-kilohertz 24-bit test file, and then the recording of comparing the results we could have tested with higher bit rate files.

But to be honest, there’s really no point we chose something that would meet or exceed CD quality, which is 44.1 kilohertz in 16 bit because, at the moment, no streaming service even does 32 bit audio. And that’s how most people are going to be listening to music. Anyway now, as far as testing speakers go, unfortunately, we don’t have access to an anechoic chamber, but if you can get me in one, let me know.

So I can scratch that off my bucket list. So we were only really able to provide a gross sound pressure level measurement or SPL by playing a pink noise file on max volume, off of each best voice quality cell phone at a distance of one meter from one of these guys.  The front-facing speakers on these phones were better than the bottom-firing ones.

But either way, all speakers across the board pretty much sucked if you want good audio out of these best voice quality cell phones, so, grab a pair of headphones. When we start talking about wide performance, this is a little bit easier to understand, but harder to hear data aside, all of these phones sound pretty damn good, more than enough for the average person.

And unless you’ve spent years training your ears to pick up the smallest differences in air pressure, you won’t be able to really say that one loads better than the other. Now with that out of the way, that’s why we have data in wired headphones, lower distortion, and a lower noise floor are better for the final product that reaches you in that same vein, the lower the deviation found testing the frequency response, the less your audio will be altered before you get a chance to hear it.

And at the end of all of this testing, you get this chart comparing the phones. So one thing that’s worth mentioning is that phones with dongles like the google Pixel 2 XL, and even the iPhone 10, refuse to output sound at a specified sample

Best Voice Quality Cell Phone 2020

Why? No idea, but with three different people doing these tests individually, we got more or less the same results. The good news is that these best voice quality cell phones should have an easier time getting rid of distortion. The tradeoff is that it technically isn’t performing as well while the average person streaming music or YouTube videos, won’t be able to tell ultra-hardcore, wired listening, only audio files might not be satisfied with it.

Which is fine because the chances are, person should avoid dongles if they’re using power-hungry headphones. Anyway, now the last piece of testing was the Bluetooth codex, which was actually super easy as the companies, explicitly state, which codex they’re using, which gave us this chart, comparing them.

Best Voice Quality Cell Phone 2020

So you can see which phones have what you’re looking for. So there you have it. If you care about audio, those are the five smartphones you can get that won’t let you down.

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